Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope

Are you ready to have a debt-free Christmas? The Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope is a FUN and efficient way to save for an all cash Christmas!

Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope

Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope

The Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope is a one page PDF with one Christmas envelope template.

With this printable, there’s no need to try to figure out how to print on a regular envelope. Instead, you get to create your very own envelope with this envelope template!

Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope Supplies

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How To Use The Christmas Savings Envelope

  1. Cut the perimeter of the envelope.
  2. Fold on the black lines.
  3. Use adhesive on the small flaps to adhere to the back of the envelope (with goal).
  4. Determine your goal amount and write it in the goal box.
  5. Divide your goal by 12 and write that number in the amount per light box.
  6. Place the amount per light amount in the envelope.
  7. Color a light!
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until all lights are colored.

The Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope provides space to record your goal, color Christmas Lights as you save, and place your money.

It’s efficiency at it’s finest.

Now, go forth and save for an all cash Christmas!

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