7 Organization Hacks

There are lots of simple additions you can make to your home that may seem insignificant in and of themselves but play a magnificent part in the huge undertaking of making things easier in your daily life.

Here are seven organization hacks that assist us in our daily lives:

1.  Kitchen tray organizer: These tray organizers make it so much easier to grab what you need when you need it. They are great for everything from cutting boards to casserole dishes and trays. The best part is, when placed strategically, you will end up with room on either end for even more stand-up-ables (now I know that’s not really a word but it says exactly what needs to be said;0) We have one on a low shelf and one on a high shelf (you know, the shelf that is so high you can’t reach anything beyond the front without climbing on a chair). We have one tray organizer like this and another that we purchased at Fred Meyer.


2.  Cork TilesCork tiles are a fabulous addition inside your kitchen cupboard doors. We cut ours to size and used 3M Mounting Squares instead of the mounting squares provided (well, we used the ones provided at first but they just didn’t do the job and our cork tiles took a tumble). We tiled two cupboard doors, one for each child, to hang their sports schedules and all that paper stuff with dates on it that needs a home!

Cork Tiles

3.  Drawer Dividers:  Drawer dividers are excellent for multiple uses. We currently use spring loaded white drawer dividers in our sock and underwear drawers. (We still need to spring for them for the kids’ drawers but, for now, shoe boxes are working swell for them.) I would also love to acquire drawer dividers for our kitchen utensil drawers as the trays we are currently using slide around waaaay too much. Check out these awesome cedar drawer dividers! I am so ordering these for the kitchen!

Drawer Dividers

Don’t tell my husband I showed you his underwear drawer!

4.  Letter Organizer: Oh my! I just don’t know what I’d do without this mail system. Read more about it here.

Letter Organizer

5.  3M Hooks:  We have a walk in closet but it is tiny. Every nook and cranny needs to be utilized for efficiency. I use 3M hooks for necklaces and hats. When everything has a home I just feel better!

3M Hooks 3M Hooks


6.  Under Sink Organizer:  All that little stuff needs a place and this drawer and top are perfect for the job. You can also find one just like mine at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Bandaids, razor blades, extra deodorant, toothpaste, floss (you know you have a gazillion of these things from the dentist), and whatever else floats your boat. It makes it organized instead of just a pile under that sink.

Under Sink Organizer

7.  Plastic Drawer Organizers:  You’re on your own for this one. Can’t believe I couldn’t find a link for something as fantastic as this. Check your local Dollar Tree or WalMart and I’m sure you’ll find them. They come in different sizes so you can have fun putting the puzzle together and organizing that drawer!

Tray Organizer

What you can’t see in the back is my make up tray … I’m super proud of this because this is all the make-up in the world that I own in one simple little tray so I just have to show you!


I’m such a simple girl!

What’s your organization hack?!

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