12 Month Sinking Funds Tracker

If you’ve joined the Sinking Fund bandwagon, you may be looking for a simple way to track yearly sinking funds! You know, the sinking funds that you hope to top out each year and then they’re depleted, when it’s time to pay the bill or do the thing. This 12 Month Sinking Fund Tracker is simple to use AND you can track four sinking funds in one printable! Woot!

Sinking Fund Tracker

12 Month Sinking Funds Tracker

This Sinking Funds Tracker was designed to use the way that works best for YOU!

You pick the funds and either color in the shapes or use a game piece to show your progress.

Sinking Funds are meant to be spent when the bill is due or you have saved enough for the thing. That means you will need to print a new tracker each time your sinking fund changes OR you can use a game piece with removable tape to track your progress!

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12 Month Sinking Funds Chart Supplies

How To Use The 12 Month Sinking Funds Printable

  1. Gain access to the Sinking Funds Printable below! When you print, I suggest using Card Stock for durability.
  2. Decide which sinking funds you would like to record on this chart and write the name of the fund in the Fund Box. There is room for up to four sinking funds on one chart!
  3. Determine how much you need to save for each sinking fund and write the amounts in the Goal Box.
  4. Divide your goal by 12 and write it in the Amount Per Section Box.
  5. As you save, color in the shapes or move your game pieces!
  6. Add your sinking funds to your monthly spending plan.

Take charge of your yearly bills with this convenient, and easy to use, 12 Month Sinking Funds Printable!

Print it in color or black and white and, if you don’t want to color, print the game pieces too!


More Sinking Fund Charts

Sinking Fund Charts

Get your 12 Month Sinking Funds Tracker here:

Sinking Fund Charts

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