What are You Doing This Weekend?!

It’s a question meant to start conversation but full of pressure at the same time. It seems I’ve been asked this question a lot lately and I cringe every time. We don’t usually have grand weekend plans and like it that way but the question fills me with guilt when there is nothing to say.

“I plan to stay in my pajamas all day Saturday catching up on stuff around the house, watching movies, and resting up for the new week coming up.”

Somehow that just doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies.

How about “I’ll be cleaning, doing laundry, waking the dog, and Lording over my children to make sure they get their homework done.”

Is that any better?!

“I’ll be making concoctions to replace the chemical laden ones I’m getting rid of.”

That would get some stares!

We do fun things, really! Just not every weekend. I’m so thankful my kids love pajama days and love to be home doing absolutely nothing! However, when the chiropractor asks my daughter what her plans for the weekend are and she says, “nothing” the look on his face says ‘poor girl has nothing to do’ when in reality her ‘nothing’ is exactly what satisfies her.

What is your ‘nothing’?! What satisfies you?! What are you doing this weekend?!




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