Printable Cash Envelopes For Easy Money Management

Are you ready to tackle your spending plan in a FUN and organized way? Do you want to try the envelope system but aren’t sure where to start? Is cash your payment of choice? Try out our Printable Cash Envelopes For Easy Money Management!

Are you ready to tackle your finances? Try out our Cash Envelopes for an easy money management solution!

Printable Cash Envelopes

Cash Envelopes guide you in your spending so you don’t spend every last dime at the grocery store and have nothing left for gas to get to work!

Cash Envelope Supplies

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Cash Envelope Categories

Here are a few categories you may choose to use a Cash Envelope for.

  • Groceries
  • Gas
  • Gifts
  • Entertainment
  • Eating Out
  • Clothes
  • Pet Care
  • Hair Cuts
  • Medical
  • Fun Money
  • Tools
  • Computer
  • Christmas
  • Books
  • Sports

How To Use Cash Envelopes

Gain Access To The Cash Envelopes Below

These envelopes are designed to be printed on a standard business size #10 envelope. Adjust your printer to print on a #10 envelope.

*We will add more Printable Cash Envelopes in the future!

Determine How Much To Put In Each Envelope

Start slow! You probably have a general idea of how much you spend on groceries and gas, right? Pull cash out on pay day and put that money in the envelope!

If you are paid every two weeks, you will put enough in the envelope to buy groceries for two weeks.

If you have a pet that goes to the groomer every other month, you will put half the amount in the envelope each month.

Track Your Spending

It’s super easy to spend all the cash in your grocery envelope and wonder where it all went. Like, yesterday you had $500, right?

An easy, no hassle way to track your spending is to simply put your receipt in the envelope!

Keep Your Envelopes At Home

You really don’t want to carry all your cash envelopes around with you. That just gets confusing and dangerous.

Dangerous because you could lose your envelopes and all the money in them.

Confusing because you’ll probably end up borrowing from other categories leaving yourself in a pickle.

When you head to the grocery store or the gas station, simply take out enough cash for your trip and leave the rest at home.

When The Money Is Gone, It’s Gone!

Don’t try to borrow from other envelopes! The goal here is to create a spending plan. If you borrow from other envelopes, you’ll leave yourself in trouble in the category you borrowed from.

What If You’re Saving For Something Special?

Make an envelope for it!

I’ll use myself as an example. I am saving for a DeWalt Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw. It’s super fun to make stuff out of wood and I think this new saw will help me do even more!

Because woodworking has become a hobby for me, the savings are not coming out of our regular budget. Instead, I have been setting aside a portion of my monthly allowance and side hustling.

Side hustling, you ask? One way I’ve done this is by making these 4 X 4 Firecrackers with the tools I have.

Friends actually LIKE them and have bought them. I put the money earned from the Firecrackers right into my Tools Cash Envelope!

Why Does The Cash Envelope System Work?

The Cash Envelope System forces you to think about your spending. If you know you have $200 for groceries this week, and no more, you will think a little extra about the case of soda you want to put in the cart.

Your Pet Care Envelope has you covered when your little guy needs a trip to the groomer. There’s no need to shuffle money because you have an envelope for that!


The Cash Envelope System is a great way to keep your spending plan in line!

It doesn’t matter how much you make, how well off you are, or your social status. Cash Envelopes can work for you!

Gain access to our Emails and, as an added bonus, you will receive access to our Resource Library full of money printables!

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