When it comes to Money Management, there are tons of resources to help you find success with your money. So many, in fact, it’s quite exhausting. There’s worksheets, workbooks, books, apps, programs … just about anything you can think of … you’ll find it. If you’re lost in the confusion and just want a simple [...]

You’ve done it! You’ve committed to the person of your dreams and now it’s time to plan your wedding. Not just any wedding. Nope! Your wedding will be smart on your finances because you plan to use a Sinking Fund! You and your fiancé are savvy folks and will have the wedding of your dreams within your [...]

High School Graduation costs add up quickly. Don’t let it catch you off guard. It’s time to start a Sinking Fund! Use this Graduation Sinking Fund Chart to prepare yourself for a whole bunch of Graduation FUN! Graduation Sinking Fund Chart This is such an exciting time! Your little bundle of joy has almost made it through [...]

Can you imagine the day you are debt free? It starts right here with your first step. It’s time to start a Sinking Fund! The Visa Sinking Fund Chart will help you track your way to debt freedom! Visa Sinking Fund Chart You plan to pay your Visa off at the end of each month but that little thing [...]

The Swimming Pool Sinking Fund Chart is a fun way to track your progress toward splashing family fun! There’s nothing like the convenience of a swimming pool in your own backyard on hot summer days! Place the Swimming Pool Sinking Fund Chart in a prominent place where the whole family can watch the savings progress!

Money is flying out the door in preparation for your wedding but have you saved for your honeymoon? It’s time to start a Sinking Fund! The Honeymoon Sinking Fund Chart is a fun way to track your progress towards the honeymoon of your dreams! Honeymoon Sinking Fund Chart If you are financially savvy, you won’t want to start married [...]

Are you ready to tackle your mortgage and pay off that house? How awesome would that feel? Sinking Funds are here to help! The Mortgage Sinking Fund Chart will give you the visual motivation to pay extra principal on your mortgage each month! Mortgage Sinking Fund Chart There are multiple ways you may choose to use the Mortgage [...]

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