One way we have failed as parents is not saving for our kids’ college education. UGH! We’ve done so much right but we get a fat F when it comes to this. Thankfully, we are debt free, with the exception of our home. The next few months will be spent saving as much as we [...]

So, here I am, a stay at home mom. I’m 48 and I do chores to earn money. My husband set it up this way because, in the real world, you don’t get money just for fun. You have to work for it. It looks something like this: Make a meal $3 Do dishes $2 [...]

We are creatures of habit. We get used to our routines and often don’t take time to reconsider what is best for our bottom line. I was recently prompted to re-evaluate our regular routines and explore ways to save money when grocery shopping. Coupons used to be my thing. I had the big Coupon Binder [...]

Looking for Gift Ideas For Coffee Fanatics? You’ve come to the right place! Not only do we have gift ideas for the Coffee Fanatic in your life BUT these gift ideas are Practical too! What’s better than that? Practical Gift Ideas For Coffee Fanatics This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an affiliate [...]

Say WHAT? Why in the world do we need Dirty Santa Gift Tags? After all, Dirty Santa gifts go in a big pile and aren’t supposed to be marked! Let’s talk about it! Dirty Santa Gift Tags This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. When you purchase through an affiliate link, we receive a [...]

The Stuff To Save Money For Printable saves the day! When we moved into our new (to us) home, the project list was endless. There was so much to do and we wanted to get it all done right away. We want it ALL. We want it NOW! We live in an instant gratification society [...]

You did it! You’ve made the final decision to host a Dirty Santa Christmas Party! Now it’s time to come up with an action plan. Our Dirty Santa Invitations, Rules, and Numbers will help you on your way. Dirty Santa Invitations, Rules, And Numbers This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. When you purchase [...]

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