What do you do with your mail when it comes in the door? Does it sit in a pile on your kitchen island clogging your mind and dragging you down? It needs to be sorted and gone through but it’s such drudgery. Look no further! Here is a surefire way to take care of that mail and [...]

Make your house seem bigger and your wallet fatter by simply getting rid of things you no longer use. After numerous garage sales and letting stuff go way too cheap, I discovered I could sell on eBay! eBay has been an excellent way to rid our house of excess stuff. Why not earn a little extra money from things you no [...]

As a money saving and detoxifying measure, we have decided to make our own liquid hand soap. With that decision comes the need for a soap dispenser. How To Make A Hand Soap Dispenser This post contains affiliate links. Disclaimer I’ve been keeping my eye on Ball Heritage Mason Jars in blue and this was the [...]

Before Christmas one year, I went to use our $5 Shop Your Way Rewards  from Sears. I hadn’t done anything to earn the reward other than sign up. Dress socks were on the hubby’s list and I found them on clearance! I came home with enough dress socks to fill a Christmas stocking for $1.32 out of pocket. Score! [...]

I’m amazed at the controversy over jeggings and the blatant insults of those demoralizing jegging wearers. It’s as if  jegging wearers are one step below, not real women, not acting their age, and looking for attention. I’m definitely not a fashion expert but love certain looks and will not be dissuaded by the ‘too old’ card any [...]

Looking for an alternative to the fabric softener sheets we’ve been warned about, we tried a few different things to control static in our clothing. This has included: sponges soaked in fabric softener, vinegar in the rinse cycle, and now, drum roll please … felted wool dryer balls. Safety pins were also added which are said to help [...]

When I started paying bills as a young adult, I needed a system. I wanted a simple budget tool to use without a fancy computer program. I bought myself a 12 column ledger and the rest is history. It’s easy to see and track finances on real paper! One ledger holds many years and makes it easy to look back [...]

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