Wednesday morning Blake kissed me good-bye and told me his plans for the day. In my morning stupor, I rarely remember everything he says and later try to recall … was he working out after work? Getting a haircut? Was it a late night at school? I do remember telling him this particular morning that [...]

Straight up, flat out, without a doubt, the budget is busted. We were on the right track, budgeting and living within our means and then life happened. Let me count the ways ….   1.  Landscaping: This one has been in the works. We set aside $2,000 from our tax refund to landscape the front yard. [...]

There’s nothing like eating right out of the garden! Yep! I picked our first zucchini today, steamed it, and ate it for lunch! I’m so proud;0)  Look at that beauty! Looking back, I’m amazed at how much our garden has grown! It wasn’t without a few mishaps though. In our excitement, we planted a little [...]

It’s been a crazy week with the hubby in the hospital and living in survival mode. The kids were troopers and had Grandma and Grandpa to meet their needs! Blake was discharged Thursday and actually went into work for a few hours Friday. Crazy guy! Friday was the last day of school so the kids and [...]

It’s a great day in the Pacific Northwest and the breezes were perfect at Chambers Bay Loop! It is a 2.25 mile paved trail with plenty of elevation to make it seem much longer. Zack thought it must be at least a half marathon and we’re hoping Hazel didn’t overdo it with her cold and [...]

Vice Principal Zotti was a little spoiled today! Cards with kind words, Starbucks gift cards, tea, chocolate covered berries, breakfast and lunch at school and a fun wallet to keep passes, etc. in. The gift from the counselors and psychologist was especially clever! The note attached to the bucket says: ‘If things are getting a little [...]

Okay … so check this out! The weather is nice so we spent some time in the garage. I thought I’d share this super fun wall with you! There is so much FUN on this wall! Sports equipment, squirt guns, scooters, bike helmets, chalk and lightsabers! Oh My!  We started with a four foot slatwall and [...]

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