There’s a ridiculous new trend that’s started. Pinterest posts abound of all the fabulous back to school teacher gifts that are being made to give teachers on the first day of school. Brown nose anyone? A little bribery to start the year off right? Or … as the hubby put it so eloquently … ‘a [...]

Summer is about to end and it’s time for another daycation! Luckily, my brother owns a farm in eastern Washington and we were super excited to visit! We arrived at the farm in time to take a quick tour by truck before heading out for lunch. The kids loved the experience of sitting in the back of the truck as [...]

We came home from a daycation to my brother’s farm with a box full of green beans, a box of Roma tomatoes, enough corn for dinner, a few peaches, nectarines, peppers, and watermelon. The green beans in our garden are doing well and keeping us fed for the summer but we wanted to freeze green beans for [...]

Using leftovers in creative ways saves money! Personally, I never have a problem eating leftovers but the rest of the family is a different story. That’s where creativity comes into play. Spaghetti Tacos are a favorite in our household! Check out the episode that started it all! Spaghetti Tacos It’s so simple you won’t believe [...]

This summer ‘daycations’ are where it’s at for the Zotti family! With a busted budget, daycations are the way to have fun without a huge expense. The actual definition of daycation is: a day trip or short holiday that does not involve staying away from home overnight. Let’s face it … the staying away from home overnight is what gets [...]

Although we can’t claim the satisfaction of doing it ourselves, we are pleased with the results of our front yard transformation! It has been on the ‘to do’ list for over 10 years. The soil was so compacted that it was nearly impossible to keep the grass watered. Then, moss took over. We worked to remove the moss by [...]

I was delighted … well, more like apprehensive, intimidated, scared, nervous … to be invited by Valerie of Smart Mom Finance to join the ‘Tour Through Blogland’. However, it is a fantastic way to meet new bloggers and take a look at what happens behind the scenes! Valerie has a degree in Business Finance and I’m super [...]

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