Although we can’t claim the satisfaction of doing it ourselves, we are pleased with the results of our front yard transformation! It has been on the ‘to do’ list for over 10 years. The soil was so compacted that it was nearly impossible to keep the grass watered. Then, moss took over. We worked to remove the moss by [...]

I was delighted … well, more like apprehensive, intimidated, scared, nervous … to be invited by Valerie of Smart Mom Finance to join the ‘Tour Through Blogland’. However, it is a fantastic way to meet new bloggers and take a look at what happens behind the scenes! Valerie has a degree in Business Finance and I’m super [...]

You have found a great location, joined forces with friends, signage is ready to go, price tags are waiting, and you are prepared to make change. What now? It’s the day before your garage sale and it’s time to set up shop! The Day Before Your Garage Sale   1) Tables Everything sells better if [...]

Garage Sales are always fun and extremely interesting! Oh the people you will meet! It is great to connect with people but there are always those few that lack garage sale etiquette. Garage Sale Etiquette Here are eight circumstances we have had the pleasure to encounter at our garage sales. Charity We totally admire that [...]

We were introduced to the Gerber Grow Up Plan when the kids were born. Of course it was the last thing we wanted to think about and pushed it far from our minds. No one wants to plan for the death of their children when they arrive in this world. Years have gone by and we now [...]

I’m not even close to the most fashionable mom in the world. You will most often find me in workout clothes or wearing the same outfit over and over for lack of creativity;0) I get a lot of miles out of my clothing and often shop at Nordstrom Rack but I also love the Nordstrom Anniversary [...]

The hot pink sign boasted ‘Upscale Sale’. Of course we had to go see what an ‘upscale sale’ looked like so we turned right. At the next intersection, there was a piece of cardboard with an arrow. We followed. The next spot had a small pink arrow, we took our chances. There was no sale to [...]

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