The My Financial House Series is dedicated to exploring one question a week in hopes of creating a dialogue in which we can feed our curiosity and learn what we may or may NOT want to do. How do you handle home improvements? The Jones are having their house painted. Yours needs it too but [...]

Balancing the checkbook, I looked ahead at the new month with great anticipation. Low and behold, I realized this month wouldn’t be much better than the last. Hope began to shrivel inside me and discouragement quickly took it’s place. I stared debt down wishing it would just disappear. We live modestly, we don’t eat out, vacations [...]

So you’re on a budget and you’re sticking to it! That doesn’t mean you have to sit and stare at each other as life passes you by. Get out there and do something! (I’m preaching to the choir here.) There ARE fun things to do with teens without spending a lot. Fun Things to do with Teens 1) Take a [...]

In November, 2013, the average consumer spent $704 on Christmas gifts. That number was down from $770 in 2012 (source). I don’t have an exact amount we spend on Christmas because I’ve never kept track but Christmas is my favorite Holiday! Instead of letting finances get in the way of Christmas fun … we get creative! How To Fund [...]

You know the drill … your beautiful new french door refrigerator isn’t even a year old and the ice-maker broke. Ugh! You didn’t purchase the extended warranty but it is covered for a year by the manufacturer. Of course, the manufacturer is in no hurry to fix it for free so you get to exercise [...]

There’s a ridiculous new trend that’s started. Pinterest posts abound of all the fabulous back to school teacher gifts that are being made to give teachers on the first day of school. Brown nose anyone? A little bribery to start the year off right? Or … as the hubby put it so eloquently … ‘a [...]

Summer is about to end and it’s time for another daycation! Luckily, my brother owns a farm in eastern Washington and we were super excited to visit! We arrived at the farm in time to take a quick tour by truck before heading out for lunch. The kids loved the experience of sitting in the back of the truck as [...]

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