Jeggings ARE Pants!

I’m amazed at the controversy over jeggings and the blatant insults of those demoralizing jegging wearers. It’s as if  jegging wearers are one step below, not real women, not acting their age, and looking for attention. I’m definitely not a fashion expert but love certain looks and will not be dissuaded by the ‘too old’ card any longer!

Jeggings are:
  • comfortable
  • well fitted
  • versatile
  • stretchy
  • fun
  • soft
  • easy to tuck in boots
  • a lot like jeans
  • easy to wear
  • well fitted without a bulky belt
  • pants!

They ARE pants … it says so right here:



plural noun: jeggings
  1. tight-fitting stretch pants for women, styled to resemble a pair of denim jeans.
early 21st cent.: blend of jeans and leggings.
… AND they are super, duper comfortable … did I already say that?!
Wear on Jegging people. I won’t judge you … as a matter of fact … this 43 year old may just start wearing jeans with flowers.
Have you tried jeggings?!!!


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