How to Make a Flax Seed Heating Bag out of the Leftovers from Cutoff Jeans

Oh ya! Creativity at it’s finest! You make a pair of cutoffs and are left with quite the fashion statement. What do you do with the leftovers from cutoff jeans? Why, you make a flax seed heating bag, of course!

Fashion Statement

Hey, why not?!

Two of the seams are already done so it is super duper easy!

What do you do with those old jeans?! Make cutoffs and flax seed heating bags!

How To Make A Flax Seed Heating Bag

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Use a cutting mat, acrylic ruler and rotary cutter to cut the unfinished end of the jeans to the desired length.

Flax Seed Heating Bag

Turn the jean leg inside out and stitch the unfinished end closed.

Flax Seed Heating Bag

Turn right side out and use a pair of scissors to nudge the corners out. A crochet hook works really well too.

Flax Seed Heating Bag

Fill the bag about half full with flax seeds using a measuring cup and funnel.

Flax Seed Heating BagFlax Seed Heating Bag

Stitch the open end closed. It is already hemmed so no need for further finishing!

Flax Seed Heating Bag

Yay! You now have a Flax Seed Heating Bag!

Just pop it in the microwave to your desired temperature and put it on that sore spot.

In the winter, it is oh so heavenly to place it at the foot of your bed! Ahhh!

On the second jean leg leftover, I decided to add a little lavender essential oil before the final seam.

Flax Seed Heating Bag

I thought the ‘cuff’ look would be fun and opted to make the final seam about three inches below the finished ends and rolled back! Is that cool or what?

Flax Seed Heating Bag

A few years ago we made flax seed heating bags for Christmas gifts and they were quite the hit!


What do you do with those old jeans?! Make cutoffs and flax seed heating bags!
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  • Brenda Jun 25, 2014, 6:55 pm

    We use ours all the time! Lindsey just used it while she was home and was wishing she had one to take to her apartment:)

  • justabackpackandarollie Jun 25, 2014, 7:36 pm

    I love this idea. I am going to make these for gifts. Brilliant! thank you

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