How Do They Do That: It’s Your Turn!

Are you ready to share how YOU do that?

I want to hear from YOU! Yes, you reading this right now. You don’t even have to be a blogger to share!

Family friends are heading to Disneyland for the third time this year, your gal pals attend lunch dates every week, and another friend has her kids' college educations fully funded. Have you caught yourself asking 'How do they do that'? It's not a matter of comparing ourselves to the Joneses, it's the willingness to seek knowledge and understanding so, you too, can make the choice whether or not you're willing to do that.

Answer these questions and share with the world!

1) What about retirement? Are you saving?

2) How often do you vacation? Where does the money come from?

3) Are you planning for college?

4) Do you have a car payment?

5) Are you house poor? What’s that mortgage/rent like?

6) How do you fund Christmas?

7) Let’s talk home improvements?

8) Do you save for school clothes?

9) Do you have college debt?

10) Is your emergency fund where it should be?

11) Do you carry credit card debt?

12) How often do you eat out?

13) Do you mow your own lawn and clean your own house?

14) Name a Frugal Fail.

15) Do you get an allowance?

Email with your answers and pictures!

Don’t forget pictures!

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I want to hear from YOU! Yes, you reading this right now. You don't even have to be a blogger to share how YOU do that! It's Your Turn!
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