Garage Sale Tips For A Successful Sale

Is a Garage Sale in your near future and you don’t know where to start?

You’re in luck!

We have held successful Garage Sales over the last 20 years and are here to share everything we know!

Are you ready to have a Garage Sale but don't know where to start? You're in luck! We are here to share everything we've learned from 20 years of Garage Sales!

Garage Sale Supplies

Most garage sale supplies you will probably already own. If not, this is great reason joining forces with friends will work to your benefit!

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Tables – Hopefully you have a few to use but, if not, ask to borrow from family and friends.

Clothes Rack and Hangers – We invested in this clothes rack many years ago and it has come in handy for our sales!

Signs – Poster Board, Permanent Markers, Staple Gun, A-Boards

Price Tags – I use return address labels. I can print three tags per label and cut them!

Extension Cord – Because customers like to make sure stuff works!

Calculator or Cash Register

Fanny Pack or Cash Register – We happen to have a cash register from a previous business but, if you’re working alone, I would suggest a fanny pack to keep on you at all times.

Change – 1’s, 5’s, and loose change will help you out a lot!

Recycled Bags – Save the bags you get from the grocery store to use at your garage sale.

Table Signs (found below)

The Garage Sale Checklist (found below)

Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

From preparation, setting up, making signs, pricing, and the actual day, we’ve got tips to help you hold a successful sale!

5 Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

One Step You Must Take To Drive Traffic To Your Garage Sale

Garage Sale Signs

How To Make A Garage Sale Sign

How To Set Garage Sale Prices

The Day Before Your Garage Sale

Garage Sale Morning

Garage Sale Etiquette

Garage Sale Table Signs

Are table signs necessary? Absolutely not!

Will they help you organize your merchandise and help customers find what they’re looking for? Totally!

Get 15 Printable Garage Sale Table Signs here!

Garage Sale Table Signs

Get 24 Printable Garage Sale Table Signs here!