Emergency Fund Chart

Could you imagine the feeling of financial security?

That’s what Sinking Funds are for!

We have an Emergency Fund Chart to help you on your road to financial security!

It’s the Sinking Fund that feels like a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.

Track your Emergency Fund Savings with this Emergency Fund Chart!


Emergency Fund Chart

Emergency Fund Chart Supplies

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How To Use The Emergency Fund Chart

  1. Gain access to your own Emergency Sinking Fund Chart below!

When you print, I suggest using Card Stock for durability.

2. Determine how much you would like to save in your Emergency Sinking Fund and write it on the Goal line.

Many people start with $1,000 and then move to save three to six month’s worth of living expenses.

3. Goal set and record a realistic date you would like to achieve your goal amount.

4. Divide your saving goal by 10.

5. Write each increment on the lines shooting off the graphic with the smallest on the bottom.

If you plan to save $1,000, you would write $100 on the bottom line, $200 on the next line, etc.

6. As you save, color in the lines!

Each increment consists of 10 lines to fill in. If you plan to save $1,000 and each increment represents $100, each line would represent $10. For every $10 you save, color in a line.

7. Make your Emergency Fund a part of your monthly budget!

If you would like to save $1,000 in 5 months, you need to incorporate $200 a month into your spending plan.


A fully funded Emergency Fund may seem like a pipe dream at this point. Don’t let that dissuade you from making a start! One small step at a time!

You can do this!

Financial security is waiting for you!

Gain access to the Emergency Fund Chart here!

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One line at a time, one step at a time!

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