Do Felted Wool Dryer Balls Work?!

Looking for an alternative to the fabric softener sheets we’ve been warned about, we tried a few different things to control static in our clothing. This has included: sponges soaked in fabric softener, vinegar in the rinse cycle, and now, drum roll please … felted wool dryer balls. Safety pins were also added which are said to help reduce static. We found the most static inducing outfit and washed and dried it four different times …

Dry 1: Fabric softener sheet

Static Cling

Static Cling

 Dry 2: Six felted wool dryer balls with safety pins attached

Static Cling Static Cling

Dry 3: Nothing, notta, zip

Static Cling Static Cling

Dry 4: Hung to dry

Hung Dry Hung Dry

The hubster says the 1st and 4th was the most comfortable/least clingy, the second was clingy, and the third was the most clingy. No surprise there!

Do felted wool dryer balls work? They do soften and reduce a small amount of static. What are we willing to do to avoid those chemical laden fabric softener sheets? Perhaps a combination of drying with felted wool dryer balls and pulling them out a little damp to hang dry…

How do you control static cling?


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