I am not, nor have I ever been a financial expert anywhere other than my own home (that’s questionable as well;0). The Mother of the Year award has never passed my way and I am nowhere near Martha Stewart.

This girl started this blog to share ideas, build a community, and to try to make a buck or two. Why not?! Someone’s gonna have some pretty hefty college tuitions to pay for soon enough. I either need to get a real job or figure this blogging thing out!

In order to keep the content of How Do The Jones Do It free and to be able to pay the costs associated with running a blog, I am compensated and I think that is just A Okay!

My Integrity

My integrity is important to me. I will never promote something if I wouldn’t use it myself and if I didn’t feel it was worth your time, energy, or money. I would never mislead you to make a few bucks.

Affiliate Marketing

One source of revenue for How Do The Jones Do It is through affiliate marketing. I would never recommend a product through affiliate marketing that I wouldn’t use myself. Actually, many times I post links to products that I think are awesome yet don’t receive any compensation for. I just want to share the goodness!

Anything I write about is my own opinion and experience. We certainly appreciate your support of How Do The Jones Do It!

The following are a few of the companies (but not all) I link to with affiliate links:

  • Amazon
  • Living Social
  • Groupon
  • Petsmart
  • The Dollar Tree
  • Living Well Spending Less
  • FlexOffers

Let’s be clear. Clicking on an affiliate link and signing up for a service or ordering a product will, in fact, earn a commission for us to keep this blog humming along.



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