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If you hang out in finance savvy groups at all, you’ve likely heard the Joneses mentioned over and over and over again. In every connotation, it is evident that the Joneses are NOT who you want to be. The Joneses are living lavishly on credit and it’s sure to catch up with them. BUT, are [...]

Valentine’s Day is a no fuss Holiday! Purchase a simple gift for the Valentines in your life and you are good to go! Our Valentine Gift Ideas For Teenagers will inspire you to find the right gift for your teens! Valentine Gift Ideas For Teenagers This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an [...]

Looking for Gift Ideas For Coffee Fanatics? You’ve come to the right place! Not only do we have gift ideas for the Coffee Fanatic in your life BUT these gift ideas are Practical too! What’s better than that? Practical Gift Ideas For Coffee Fanatics This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an affiliate [...]

I actually lost money blogging in March. Between Sunshine And Rainy Days and How Do The Jones Do It, I lost $27.54. In February, I posted my first income report. I was super excited because it was my best month yet. I was still receiving income earned in December, one of my biggest months. Why would I post a [...]

You’ve come to grips with the fact that you need to incorporate an allowance for each family member in your spending plan but how do you determine a fair allowance amount? Healthy money talks should be a part of every relationship! Tough negotiations included! What Is Included In A Fair Allowance Amount? When determining a fair allowance amount, why [...]

We sold our home with the intention to move to a neighborhood that is closer to my husband’s new job. Our house closed just before Christmas and the homes we had hoped for were no longer on the market. Instead of settling for a home we weren’t excited about, we decided to try our hand at apartment [...]

My daughter had a cavity. You could probably count that as money mistake number one since cavities are clearly avoidable! On our way to the dentist that fine summer morning, I sneezed a few times as I approached an intersection. After my final sneeze, I looked up as I turned the corner to see a [...]

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