Mom Musings

Who’s with me? You have mom guilt because your teenage daughter has been sitting on the couch with her iPad for the last four hours and your son’s wrist hurts so bad from gaming that he needs an ice pack. Mom Guilt! This calls for action! I found a magazine article I had ripped out. It [...]

Black Friday is almost here and I’m super excited to share a Black Friday Special for Bloggers. Check it out. It may just be blog changing! Most of us know all too well how overwhelming it can feel to juggle the day-to-day demands of writing a blog with the big-picture strategy of creating a profitable [...]

It’s been a crazy week with the hubby in the hospital and living in survival mode. The kids were troopers and had Grandma and Grandpa to meet their needs! Blake was discharged Thursday and actually went into work for a few hours Friday. Crazy guy! Friday was the last day of school so the kids and [...]

It was Ted’s 5th Birthday! We celebrated by taking him to the pet store to pick out a new toy. It’s not very often we take him with us, especially into a store, so the shopping trip was a treat in itself;0) While there, at the ripe middle age of five, we finally purchased a step-in [...]

Dun, dun, dun … I’m doing it! Three whole weeks without unconsciously tapping that Facebook app on my phone or iPad to see what everyone is up to. Three whole weeks of watching a show, picking up the kids, waiting in line, or just wanting a little downtime without pushing that app! What will I [...]

I’m amazed at the controversy over jeggings and the blatant insults of those demoralizing jegging wearers. It’s as if  jegging wearers are one step below, not real women, not acting their age, and looking for attention. I’m definitely not a fashion expert but love certain looks and will not be dissuaded by the ‘too old’ card any [...]

It’s a question meant to start conversation but full of pressure at the same time. It seems I’ve been asked this question a lot lately and I cringe every time. We don’t usually have grand weekend plans and like it that way but the question fills me with guilt when there is nothing to say. [...]