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The Cruise Sinking Fund Chart is here to help you save for your next vacation! If a cruise is in your future, I bet you can get ON BOARD with this! After all, Sinking Funds will FLOAT YOUR BOAT! Okay! I’ll stop now! Cruise Sinking Fund Chart Can you imagine the open waters, food prepared for you, fun [...]

Is a Kitchen Remodel on your dream list? Sinking Funds are here to make your dreams a reality! Our Kitchen Remodel Sinking Fund Chart will give you the visual you need to keep dreaming! Kitchen Remodel Sinking Fund Chart Do the glorious pictures of beautiful kitchens all over the internet have you ready to take the plunge? [...]

Are you ready to tackle your spending plan in a FUN and organized way? Do you want to try the envelope system but aren’t sure where to start? Is cash your payment of choice? Try out our Printable Cash Envelopes For Easy Money Management! Printable Cash Envelopes Cash Envelopes guide you in your spending so [...]

Have you been looking to add a puppy to the family but the costs astound you? Sinking Funds are here to help! Our Puppy Sinking Fund Chart will give you the visual you need to save for your new pet! Puppy Sinking Fund Chart When my daughter was in third grade (she’s a senior now), she desperately [...]

My 17-year-old daughter recently opened a bank account at our Credit Union. She’s always had a savings account but switched over to a checking account she would have better access to. Yes! A Checking Account. BUT, apparently, it is not common to use checks these days. The guy looked at me like I had three [...]

Have you been dreaming of a Disney Vacation? That’s what Sinking Funds are for! Guess what? We have a Disney Vacation Sinking Fund chart just for you! It’s the Sinking Fund the whole family will get on board with! Disney Vacation Sinking Fund Chart Disney Vacation Sinking Fund Chart Supplies This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through [...]

A Home Maintenance Sinking Fund is probably one of the most necessary Sinking Funds for homeowners. According to HGTV, you should set aside 1% – 3% of your home’s purchase price each year for Home Maintenance. Say WHAT? That’s a LOT of dough! We’re talking $3,000 – $9,000 a year on a $300,000 home. Even [...]

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