Kirsten from Indebted and In Debt has an interview series titled ‘Interview With A Mom’ where she interviews stay-at-home moms to figure out how they make it work financially. She is on her own pursuit to stay home and is learning from others who have gone before her. This series is a great one to [...]

Thinking about New Year’s Resolutions had me stressed and feeling like a failure. Could it be because I knew there was a big one that we didn’t even touch from last year. Ho hum, resolutions, schmezolutions. Forget about it. I want time to dream. I want to think about possibilities and not be confined to [...]

According to a March 2013 poll by, talking about credit makes us squirm more than the topics of religion, politics, salary, and our love lives. Really?! It’s a little easier for those whom have grown up on social media to discuss credit card debt. The 18 – 24 crowd is accustomed to sharing many [...]