Save Money

The Stuff To Save Money For Printable saves the day! When we moved into our new (to us) home, the project list was endless. There was so much to do and we wanted to get it all done right away. We want it ALL. We want it NOW! We live in an instant gratification society [...]

It sounds ridiculous! A gym membership is usually the first to go when you implement cost saving measures. After all, you can always go for a walk or run. There ARE ways to stay in shape without paying the big bucks month after month for a gym membership. BUT what if I told you a [...]

We’ve moved twice in six months. Seriously! Are we nuts? The short story is: we sold our home and moved into an apartment while we looked for a new home, found one and moved in. I think that’s the shortest story I’ve ever told! With two moves in a short amount of time, we discovered how to [...]

You have a Birthday Party to attend and walk into the card store to hunt for the perfect Birthday card. You turn the card over to discover those tiny little numbers proclaiming your chosen card is $4.95. Say What? Homemade cards are the bee’s knees but, if you don’t have time to create homemade, we [...]

Apartment Life is not our end game but it has been a great temporary solution while we look for our next house to call home! Although our rent is more than the mortgage we had on our home, apartment life has saved us money!   11 Ways Apartment Life Has Saved Us Money There’s No [...]

You finally made it! You’ve been a Debt Boss and you’re Debt Free! Woot! Woot! You relish in the glory a bit before anxiety overwhelms you. You realize how incredibly easy it would be to fall back into the trap of debt. You want to loosen the reigns a little but you are determined to STAY Debt [...]

Who says household finances have to be cumbersome? We’re all about SIMPLE here! That’s why we created Income and Expense Printables, ledger style! It’s the simplest way to create a Spending Plan and track all Expenses and Income for the year! Income and Expense Printables Just click on the pictures below for your PDF’s! This post [...]

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