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Do you need Garage Sale Table Signs? Absolutely not! Are they great to have? Without a doubt! Throughout our many years of Garage Sales, we quickly wrote table categories on scratch paper and taped them to the tables. These table categories helped us keep our garage sale organized. Once the sale actually started, we removed [...]

You guys! I actually earned money blogging this month! Well, it is actually money I received this this month that was earned back in December. The Christmas holiday had readers interested in the gift ideas I share on my blog! Between Sunshine And Rainy Days and How Do The Jones Do It, I earned $621.87 in February 2017! [...]

The other morning my 13-year-old son told me he had a very vivid dream. In his dream he was in the car with his dad and they were driving on a super long bridge. In the distance they could see a tornado heading their way. Before long, it was hard for Blake to control the car [...]

It was January of 2014 when I decided I would jump into this blogging world with both feet. There was no plan of action, pre-written posts, or even much computer knowledge. I didn’t feel qualified to blog but I did it anyway. I knew if I waited for the perfect time, it would never happen. Blogging seemed like a [...]

It’s Garage Sale time and the last thing you want to do is spend the big bucks on Garage Sale Signs. After all, who wants to eat up the profit before it’s even there? The trick is to create garage sale signs you can use year after year after year. This makes a small initial [...]

This is no day to sleep in! Rise and Shine with that pesky rooster that lives next door. It’s Garage Sale Morning! This is your day. It’s time to get your game on! You’ve done your homework after reading 5 Things To Do Before Your Garage Sale and The Day Before Your Garage Sale. Now it’s [...]

You have found a great location, joined forces with friends, signage is ready to go, price tags are waiting, and you are prepared to make change. What now? It’s the day before your garage sale and it’s time to set up shop! The Day Before Your Garage Sale   1) Tables Everything sells better if [...]

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