Family Life

A few weeks ago we threw all budgetary caution to the wind and spent a day in Seattle! Our in house, self proclaimed, Star Wars nerd wanted to see the new ‘Star Wars and the Power of Costume’ exhibit at the EMP (Experience Music Project) and, while we were there, we might as well Ride the [...]

‘Tis The Season … For State Testing, That Is! Spring has sprung! Days are getting longer, the weather is getting better, and the plants are blooming. What else is happening? Around our great nation, students are sitting at a computer and taking some form of standardized test to measure what they have learned this year. Ahh, standardized [...]

The year was 1996. We had been married for just two years when the diagnosis of melanoma entered our lives. Fear and worry rushed in like a tidal wave. Would I be okay? What would the future look like? Could we have kids? Would it strike again? I loved the outdoors and spent a lot [...]

Help! I need a manual! Hazel just turned 15 and that means it’s time for driving school. Oh my! Where do you go to driving school? How much does it cost? When do you get your permit? What do we need? Do we add her to our insurance? So many questions! Where’s the manual for [...]

Who’s with me? You have mom guilt because your teenage daughter has been sitting on the couch with her iPad for the last four hours and your son’s wrist hurts so bad from gaming that he needs an ice pack. Mom Guilt! This calls for action! I found a magazine article I had ripped out. It [...]

Let’s just say that working out is frugal. No matter how you choose to work out, you are doing something great for your health. If you happen to work out at a gym, the people you meet at the gym can be downright hilarious! The hubster, Blake, was motivated to write this post after yet [...]

You’re determined to get to the gym but don’t know where to start. What do I wear? What do I do? How do I act? RELAX! You got this! Check out this gym etiquette and you’ll enter the gym with confidence! Really, it’s not that big of a deal. Most gym rats are in their own little world [...]