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My 17-year-old daughter recently opened a bank account at our Credit Union. She’s always had a savings account but switched over to a checking account she would have better access to.

Yes! A Checking Account. BUT, apparently, it is not common to use checks these days. The guy looked at me like I had three heads when we asked to order checks.

I inquired why checks aren’t used these days and he said everyone uses debit cards.

We opted to forgo checks for now. Oh my!

We didn’t even get a Bank Account Register. Say What?

Tracking your bank accounts with good old paper and pen is the way to go! Our Bank Account Register is here to help! Add it to your Financial Binder and never lose track again!

Bank Account Register

Although we chose not to order checks at this point, our 17-year-old still needs a way to track withdrawals and credits to her account.

My mind is totally freaked out by all this!

I get the whole paperless movement but we’ve gotta keep track of what’s in our accounts, for goodness sake!

Bank Account Register Supplies

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How To Use The Bank Account Register

  1. Gain access to your own Bank Account Register below!

When you print, I suggest using Card Stock for durability.

2. Add the Register to your Financial Binder.

Our teenagers use The Big Book Of Everything.

3. Every time you add to or withdraw from your account write the numbers in.

4. Balance as you go.

5. When you receive a statement (most likely online), balance your account.


A Bank Account Register will keep you in the know! You will never wonder how much cash you have access to when you keep good records.

No need to worry when you hit the cash register with your debit card because you KNOW what you have in your account!


Gain access to the Bank Account Register!

Get the Password for the Resource Library by entering your best email on this form.

Call me old-fashioned if you’d like! Paper and pen will keep your financial life in line.

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