Annual Insurance Sinking Fund Chart

When we moved into an apartment a few years ago, our insurance rates went UP. We were told it was because living in an apartment creates more risk and it would go down again when we moved back into a house. Imagine my surprise when, just eight months later, we moved into a house, in a great part of town and yet that same insurance agent told us our rates would, in fact, NOT go down. He lost my trust and I started the process of pricing out insurance with other companies. Through this process, I discovered we could save quite a bit by making an annual payment instead of month to month. The hard part is, making sure you actually have the money when the annual insurance bill arrives. That’s where an Annual Insurance Sinking Fund Chart comes in!

Annual Insurance Sinking Fund Chart

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Annual Insurance Sinking Fund Supplies

How To Use The Annual Insurance Sinking Fund Chart

  1. Gain access to the Insurance Sinking Fund Chart below! When you print, I suggest using Card Stock for durability.
  2. Determine how much you need to save for your annual car insurance and write the amount in the Goal Box.
  3. Divide your saving goal by 10 and write it in the Amount Per Section box.
  4. Write each increment on the lines shooting off the graphic with the smallest on the bottom. If you plan to save $3,000, you would write $300 on the bottom line, $600 on the next line, etc.
  5. Divide your Amount Per Section by 10 and write it in the Amount Per Line box.
  6. As you save, color in the lines! Each increment consists of 10 lines to fill in. If you plan to save $3,000 and each increment represents $300, each line would represent $30. For every $30 you save, color in a line.
  7. Add your annual car insurance to your monthly spending plan. If you need to save $3,000 for annual insurance, put $250/month into a sinking fund for that purpose. It’s kind of like paying insurance monthly but with annual savings!

We found a better insurance rate and made the switch. Our Annual Insurance Sinking Fund has helped us stay on track to pay annually and keep our rates low!

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Get your Annual Insurance Sinking Fund Chart here:

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