Are you ready to have a debt-free Christmas? The Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope is a FUN and efficient way to save for an all cash Christmas! Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope The Christmas Sinking Fund Envelope is a one page PDF with one Christmas envelope template. With this printable, there’s no need to try to figure out how to print on [...]

If you’ve joined the Sinking Fund bandwagon, you may be looking for a simple way to track yearly sinking funds! You know, the sinking funds that you hope to top out each year and then they’re depleted, when it’s time to pay the bill or do the thing. This 12 Month Sinking Fund Tracker is [...]

Are you ready to buy a new car but not sure where to start? Our Car Comparison Chart is here to save the day! A few months ago, our Tahoe’s engine light came on so we took it to the dealer. After a few hours at the dealership, we were told it needed a few [...]

If you happen to be one of the few people that does NOT include your homeowner’s insurance with your mortgage, you will love this Annual Homeowner’s Insurance Sinking Fund Chart! Annual Homeowner’s Insurance Sinking Fund Chart There was a time when I wanted to pay our homeowner’s insurance myself. I didn’t want to depend on [...]

When we moved into an apartment a few years ago, our insurance rates went UP. We were told it was because living in an apartment creates more risk and it would go down again when we moved back into a house. Imagine my surprise when, just eight months later, we moved into a house, in [...]

It’s been a while since my kids played baseball but I do remember shopping for bats, and they weren’t cheap! A bat is definitely worth a Baseball Bat Sinking Fund Chart! Woot! Baseball Bat Sinking Fund Chart Bat Sinking Fund Chart Supplies How To Use The Bat Sinking Fund Chart Big expenses, like that sweet [...]

The $1,000 Emergency Fund Chart is here to help you start your journey to financial freedom! $1,000 Emergency Fund Chart Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step Number One is to start a $1,000 Emergency Fund as FAST as you can! This baby emergency fund is meant to cover unexpected emergencies that come up. The goal is to [...]

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