Whether you are planning to purchase a new car or need a sinking fund for car maintenance, our Sinking Fund Chart For Your Car Fund will attempt to keep you on the road to saving! Car Fund Chart Everyone should have a Car Sinking Fund! How To Use The Car Sinking Fund Chart Click the picture below to print [...]

If you hang out in finance savvy groups at all, you’ve likely heard the Joneses mentioned over and over and over again. In every connotation, it is evident that the Joneses are NOT who you want to be. The Joneses are living lavishly on credit and it’s sure to catch up with them. BUT, are [...]

You absolutely know the date Christmas arrives. You also know when your friends and family have Birthdays to celebrate. Why do these events catch our budgets by surprise? The Sinking Fund For Gifts Chart will guide your spending plan and help you gain control of your gift spending! Sinking Fund For Gifts Chart Our Sinking [...]

Valentine’s Day is a no fuss Holiday! Purchase a simple gift for the Valentines in your life and you are good to go! Our Valentine Gift Ideas For Teenagers will inspire you to find the right gift for your teens! Valentine Gift Ideas For Teenagers This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through an [...]

Are you ready to Crush Debt? A visual is a great way to keep your goal to stomp out debt once and for all. Not just on payday. Use our Debt Free Chart in conjunction with our Debt Boss debt tracker to know where you stand on debt. Debt Free Chart Our Debt Free Chart [...]

One way we have failed as parents is not saving for our kids’ college education. UGH! We’ve done so much right but we get a fat F when it comes to this. Thankfully, we are debt free, with the exception of our home. The next few months will be spent saving as much as we [...]

So, here I am, a stay at home mom. I’m 48 and I do chores to earn money. My husband set it up this way because, in the real world, you don’t get money just for fun. You have to work for it. It looks something like this: Make a meal $3 Do dishes $2 [...]

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