The $1,000 Emergency Fund Chart is here to help you start your journey to financial freedom! $1,000 Emergency Fund Chart Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step Number One is to start a $1,000 Emergency Fund as FAST as you can! This baby emergency fund is meant to cover unexpected emergencies that come up. The goal is to [...]

You’re convinced and ready to Break Bad Money Habits. You know it’s best for your bottom line. You also know it takes 21 – 66 days to break bad habits and you need a way to track your new, Good Money Habits! The Money Habit Tracker is here to save the day! Money Habit Tracker [...]

It’s time to Break Your Bad Money Habits! We all have room for improvement, right? I got an email the other day from Bob at SeedTime and, in his email, he talked about Bad Money Habits. A lightbulb went off in my head and I knew Bad Money Habits were worksheet worthy. I set to work [...]

After you’ve saved Three Month’s Expenses it’s time to move on to the big goal of 6 Months with our 6 Month’s Expenses Sinking Fund Chart! Imagine the security you will feel when you get to this point! Sinking Fund Charts are the way to save! 6 Month’s Expenses Sinking Fund Chart Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step 3 instructs [...]

The Three Month’s Expenses Sinking Fund Chart will guide you on your way to saving a nice cushion in case of emergency. It’s kind of like insurance. You hope you don’t need it but it’s comforting to know it’s there! Sinking Fund Charts are the way to save!   Three Month’s Expenses Sinking Fund Chart Dave [...]

Hello All! Blake here. I thought I would share with you the question I ask every year: What is your net worth? This isn’t a deep, philosophical question or some Zen like journey that some take around this time of year. This is about Cold. Hard. Cash. We’ve got a Net Worth Worksheet to guide you in [...]

We believe in keeping money matters simple around here! Our Income and Expense Printables help us do just that. Once in a while, we like to geek out about our money and where it’s going. We do that by creating Household Money Buckets and calculating the percentage of each one. The Household Money Buckets printable lets [...]

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