Looking for the perfect gift idea for Dad? Something practical, unique, fun, surprising, or perhaps even life saving? These gift ideas for Dad may make you go Wow, hmmm, Yum, ahhh, reeeaallly, cool, or just make you laugh out loud!   Gift Ideas for Dad This post contains affiliate links. Disclaimer Marvel Avengers Captain America [...]

To our new readers: We like to take a weekly trip into the land of others and learn just how they make life happen! Have you ever caught yourself asking ‘How do they do that’? It’s not a matter of comparing ourselves to the Joneses, it’s the willingness to seek knowledge and understanding so, you [...]

Do you hate the idea of spending $5 for a card that is destined for the recycle pile? Would you rather put that money towards an awesome gift? What if you could print off a free printable father’s day card yourself? Now there’s an idea worth hanging on to! SuperDad Free Printable Father’s Day Card! [...]

Our in house investment guru is joining us with a little advice on investing and financial advisors! Take it away, Blake! Do you have a financial advisor? This was a question a colleague asked me yesterday. Bill, an administrative intern in my building just accepted his first job as an administrator. With the new job [...]

A few weeks ago we threw all budgetary caution to the wind and spent a day in Seattle! Our in house, self proclaimed, Star Wars nerd wanted to see the new ‘Star Wars and the Power of Costume’ exhibit at the EMP (Experience Music Project) and, while we were there, we might as well Ride the [...]

It’s garage sale time and the last thing you want to do is spend the big bucks on garage sale signs. After all, who wants to eat up the profit before it’s even there?! The trick is to create garage sale signs you can use year after year after year. This makes a small initial [...]

The light turned red and we stopped. The classy little convertible with an elderly couple behind us honked their horn. Four more honks and I’d had enough! I jumped out, smiled, and said, ‘there’s no turn on red’! Mrs. Convertible scowled at me and said, ‘it’s green now’! I jumped back in the car and we made the right hand [...]

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