Fall is the perfect time for everything pumpkin! Pumpkin bread just so happens to be one of my favorites, especially with homemade pumpkin purée! It's such a joy to use real pumpkins instead of depending on canned pumpkin with questionable ingredients. We planted our very own sweet sugar pie pumpkin seeds this year and harvested about eight pumpkins [...]

Just about three weeks ago we purchased two boxes of potatoes for a steal of a deal. We thought we could keep them cool enough to last until every last one was consumed. Unfortunately ... it didn't happen. The potatoes started shriveling and we had to act fast! I started making potatoes every way I knew how. [...]

We came home from a daycation to my brother's farm with a box full of green beans, a box of Roma tomatoes, enough corn for dinner, a few peaches, nectarines, peppers, and watermelon. The green beans in our garden are doing well and are keeping us fed for the summer but we wanted to freeze some [...]

Using leftovers in creative ways saves money!!! Personally, I never have a problem eating leftovers but the rest of the family is a different story. That's where creativity comes into play.  Spaghetti Tacos are a favorite in our household! Check out the episode that started it all! It's so simple you won't believe it! Ingredients: [...]

I am addicted! These gluten free frozen raw cookie dough balls are an amazing treat and so simple to make! Here's the recipe: 1-1/4 cup gluten free flour (I used Namaste) 1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt 1/2 cup butter (1 stick) softened (I never remember to soften so end up putting it in a gallon plastic [...]

Yum! Just had Avocado Strawberry Salad for dinner again tonight and thought I'd share because it's just that good! Nothing is measured ... just a little of this and that: Lettuce (fresh from my brother's farm) Cucumber Strawberries (they are delicious this time of year) Avocado (oh how I love avocado) Raisins Sunflower Seeds Olive Oil [...]