Raising Teens in an Uptight World

The light turned red and we stopped. The classy little convertible with an elderly couple behind us honked their horn. Four more honks and I'd had enough! I jumped out, smiled, and said, 'there's no turn on red'! Mrs. Convertible scowled at me and said, 'it's green now'! I jumped back in the car and we made the right hand [...]

We chose to send our kids to public school so we do our very best, as imperfect and faulty as we are, to instill values and faith in our kids at home. One way we do this is through quick daily devotions with our kids during breakfast;0) Currently we are reading 'Sticky Situations' by Betsy Schmitt. (affiliate link) [...]

There's a ridiculous new trend that's started. Pinterest posts abound of all the fabulous back to school teacher gifts that are being made to give teachers on the first day of school. Brown nose anyone?! A little bribery to start the year off right?! Or ... as the hubster put it so eloquently ... 'a [...]