What's better than combining classroom safety with a gift for teachers?! Every school I've been in has classroom doors with a window. These windows are to be unblocked until there is a lockdown. During a lockdown, those windows must be covered so a potential 'bad guy' can't see in the classroom. On most classroom doors [...]

Looking for a Christmas gift that costs next to nothing?! Microwave popcorn with this free Just Poppin' by to Wish You a Merry Christmas printable might just do the trick! Not only is it so inexpensive that you will shout for joy, it is so easy to do, you will barely know what just happened! Stick [...]

Vice Principal Zotti was a little spoiled today! Cards with kind words, Starbucks gift cards, tea, chocolate covered berries, breakfast and lunch at school and a fun wallet to keep passes, etc. in. The gift from the counselors and psychologist was especially clever! The note attached to the bucket says: 'If things are getting a little [...]

Beaded socks for our little girls are so much fun! When my daughter was born, a friend made beaded socks for her. I loved them so much that I enlisted my sister-in-law (who is all things crafty) to teach me how to make them. The first pair I made took hours! My daughter was outfitted in [...]

Have you ever taken a detox bath?! Lavendar bath salts are an excellent way to relax and detoxify! Epsom salt is the main ingredient. As a matter of fact, it would be beneficial to bathe in Epsom salt alone. Epsom salt contains magnesium and sulfates which have multiple health benefits. For this recipe: 2 cups [...]