Help! I need a manual! Hazel just turned 15 and that means it's time for driving school. Oh my! Where do you go to driving school? How much does it cost? When do you get your permit? What do we need? Do we add her to our insurance? So many questions! Thank goodness for friends [...]

So you're on a budget and you're sticking to it! That doesn't mean you have to sit and stare at each other as life passes you by. Get out there and do something! (I'm preaching to the choir here.) There ARE fun things to do with teens without spending a lot. Have a national park nearby?! Pack a lunch [...]

Hazel and Zack are polar opposites when it comes to money. Hazel loves to save and Zack is a spender. They have to make tough choices when it comes to their money. Zack has chosen not to attend a Birthday party ... have we done the right thing? Is this allowance system keeping him from [...]