Save Money

There's a ridiculous new trend that's started. Pinterest posts abound of all the fabulous back to school teacher gifts that are being made to give teachers on the first day of school. Brown nose anyone?! A little bribery to start the year off right?! Or ... as the hubster put it so eloquently ... 'a [...]

We were ready for a Fresh Start with Finances and the envelope system we've heard so much about from Dave Ramsey, was calling our name. We needed something more than just plain envelopes though. Something colorful, exciting, new, and different! I opened the craft cupboard and there it was, Duck tape left over from creating Duck [...]

The hubby has his check stub and it's time to put the puzzle pieces together! These last few months have had some big expenses (mostly brought on by ourselves) and we are determined to make it all happen! Sometimes you need to change things up a bit to have a new outlook on finances! We [...]

This weekend's project was a raised garden bed created with cinder blocks. Our original intent was to build three raised beds but our bodies and budget gave out at one ... for now. For the most part, it was pretty simple to do and we are thrilled with the results! We started with a blank [...]

Freebies from companies we love are a great way to think ahead for gifts or things we need. Before Christmas I went in to use our $5 Shop Your Way Rewards (that I hadn't done anything to earn other than sign up) and found dress socks on clearance (they were on the hubby's list) and came home [...]