Save Money

The No Soliciting sign was hung by the front door with care. Can it really be that simple? Vacuum cleaners, security systems, wreaths, popcorn, and cookies. Yes, I said it. Even cookies. If you're in money saving mode, save yourself the hassle of saying no and the guilt that accompanies it by putting up a [...]

For many years we used a tax accountant to do our taxes. We would get all our paperwork together, make an appointment and meet up at the accountant's office. I never enjoyed paying that $200 - $300 and decided I could do it myself! After all, we had sold our rental and our taxes were pretty straight [...]

It seemed too good to be true. A free oil change?! The prospect was exciting but I wasn't sure if it would really work out. I took a chance and went through the steps to see if I could, indeed, make it happen. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to give honest, factual [...]

Hello All! Blake here. I thought I would share with you the answer to the question I ask our family every year: What are you worth? This isn't about some deep, philosophical question or some Zen like journey that some take around this time of year. This is about Cold. Hard. Cash. For the past several years, [...]

BOB has joined our family by way of The Man Allowance. He hung out in the dining room for a while and I was startled every time I walked by. I knew he was there but it didn't matter. HE. FREAKED. ME. OUT! Blake turned him to face the window. It didn't help. BOB was probably [...]

You're running errands and lunch time has crept up on you. Red Robin french fries are calling your name. There is plenty of food at home but you want something now. What does eating out cost you? Is it worth it? According to Statista, as of November 2013: 8.3% of respondants stated they visited casual dining restaurants [...]

You know the drill ... your beautiful new french door refrigerator isn't even a year old and the ice-maker broke. Ugh! You didn't purchase the extended warranty but it is covered for a year by the manufacturer. Of course, the manufacturer is in no hurry to fix it for free so you get to exercise [...]